Want to Drive a Flying Tank?


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AWOL is a two dimensional action game in which you are in control of a tank that at any moment is able to become a plane and fly. ¿Sounds fun? It is.

The game is easy to play. With your mouse you fire a canon, and with the arrow keys you can speed up and decide how steep the road is.

The game itself is fairly short and quite simple. It only has one level of play. The object is o advance as far as possible by eliminating all the enemies that come out ahead. Soldiers, tanks and even other planes that drop bombs try to stop you.

With simple graphics, this game has a nice appearance that uses contrast between the background and the characters that are in the foreground.

AWOL is a short game which will keep you occupied for a good time and no more, but because the game is fun and easy to play, it is well worth a try.
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